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Walk in Coolers: Insulated Floor vs. “Floorless”

Should I buy an insulated floor for my walk in cooler?

No insulated floor will be necessary if you are placing the walk in cooler on a cement slab, at ground level, with no basement or crawl space underneath.

You will need to provide insulation for any walk in cooler placed over a basement, second story, or crawl space. If there is warmer air underneath, condensation will form—the refrigeration will pull heat out of the flooring. The condensation will damage the floor material and space below. If you need to provide protection, you may do so either above or underneath your walk in cooler. Here are a few of your options:

1. The floor of your walk in cooler can be insulated from underneath. Any air leaks will still lead to condensation, so this must be done very carefully. The underside of the flooring is often blocked by obstructions, so this method is frequently impossible. If the flooring is made of an absorbent material, it will need to be protected with sheet vinyl (or a different moisture barrier).

2. You can purchase an insulated floor for your walk in cooler. This will isolate the refrigerated space and prevent any problems with heat transfer. You will also pick up an additional 15% in energy savings on average. A disadvantage will be a 4″ step-up into the walk in cooler. An optional floor ramp can be ordered. Nonetheless, disadvantages will seem minor when compared to the expense of correcting any structural damage to a building.

3. Some customers prefer to build their own insulated platform for their walk in cooler. Foam board can be purchased at building centers. Care must be taken to cross-stack the sheets of insulation to eliminate any seams or gaps in the material.

Other floor material questions…

1. Concrete with vinyl or ceramic tile: acceptable for a “floorless” walk in cooler.

2. Concrete with carpeting: do not install a “floorless” walk in cooler on top of carpeting as the high humidity levels will create mildew and odor. Simply cut the carpeting around the exterior of the walk in cooler and remove it. If you wish to save the carpeting or your landlord prevents you from cutting the carpeting, order the SRC reinforced insulated floor for your walk in cooler.

3. Concrete with hardwood: it’s recommended you order the SRC reinforced insulated floor for your walk in cooler to protect the beautiful finish from the high humidity conditions.

Exceptions (Important!)…

If the walk in cooler is in a hot warehouse, garage, or outdoors on a non-insulated slab, consider ordering the SRC reinforced insulated floor for your walk in cooler. The energy savings alone can help pay back the cost of the reinforced insulated floor.

Other questions?

If you have a reach in cooler, beverage cooler, keg cooler, beer cave, walk in freezer, floral display cooler, etc., the above information may be slightly different. Please call SRC Refrigeration with any questions! 800-521-0398


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